Thursday Comics

Thursday Comics Giant Size #33

Thursday Comics Giant Size #33

Thursday Comics Giant Size #33Top Ten Things we LOVE about Comics!!!from the Library of Graphic LiteratureNovember 4th, 2021Welcome to another fun packed house of cards we call Thursday Comics with the 33nd Giant Size episode and the Darlings of Comix Media, Dennis Osbourne and Wallace Ryan!!! THIS WEEK, we look at the Top Ten Things we love about COMICS! As is our habit, we compiled our separate lists in secret, WITHOUT revealing to each other what was on our lists. We then come onto the show ignorant as to what the other has on their list and see what happens!!! We also throw in a few Honourable Mentions each just to catch any we really wanted to add to the first ten!!! Thursday Comics theme by Bill Brennan#top10 #thursdaycomics #giantsize #comicbooks #graphicnovels #comixpositive

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