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Big Hidden Out Now with Hidden.NY

Big Hidden Out Now with Hidden.NY

Link Up TV! Aye bruv, it’s a mad ting, innit?! Mates rejoice as this week the boys are dialing in the founder and administrator of your favorite mood boarder’s favorite mood board, Hidden.NY. The lads are on tour for some proper bants on Drilly Drake, Nigo doing softcore porn, the thirstiest rappers in his DMs, the chicken or the egg nature of the streetwear zeitgeist, manifesting his pod appearance, the next frontier of content verticals, all the crazy collabs he has on deck, his undying love for Yu-Gi-Oh!, turning your mood board into a career and much more on this cheeky episode of The Only Podcast That Matters™. For more Throwing Fits, check us out on Patreon:

Duration: 2 hr 26 min

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