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3sixteen Mafia with Andrew Chen

3sixteen Mafia with Andrew Chen

We’re not ocean soaking, but bitch we go motherfuckin’ barnacles! This week the boys are putting on their jeans one leg at a time and dialing in the big homie Andrew Chen, co-owner of 3sixteen and co-owner of Self Edge NY and LA. Andrew is locked in for a marathon pod covering cheating on your barber, the glorious return of Drink Check™, not hiring Chuck, the big bang of the extended TF universe, opening a flagship in the middle of a pandemic, people telling him “stick to jeans, bro”, the model minority myth, getting yatted, his dream collabs, his favorite sneaker of all time and much more. For more Throwing Fits, check us out on Patreon:

Duration: 2 hr 46 min

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