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Getting Ready for Baby (or Any Other Life Change) [Episode 119]

Getting Ready for Baby (or Any Other Life Change) [Episode 119]

Today I’m sharing with you the very specific steps that I took to prepare for a major life change. This can apply to a new baby, a move, or any other major life change. Key Points from this Episode: Notice your fears and anxieties. Write down thoughts. Create a new road map to work from - have a paradigm shift so you can operate from your circle of influence. Use your personal super powers to solve your problems and create a vision for how things can go. Share that vision with your family and step into the leadership role, building in systems and communication to support you through the time of change. Talk with your spouse or trusted friend when you get to stuck points in your thinking and aren't sure how to overcome certain fears or challenges If you have had an experience like this in the past, answer the question: "What was really traumatic or didn't go well that I don't want to repeat this time? What went really well that I do want to repeat this time?" Use what is hard now to intentionally practice and prepare for the challenges ahead. Create a false (and immediate) deadline to see what your absolute necessities are. It should be a shorter list that you can then focus your time and energy on before returning to the nice-to-dos. Think through what you need now and will need in the future. Make peace with the fact that taking care of yourself will allow you to keep taking care of others. Talk through specifics with your spouse so you can both be prepared for you to take that time.

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