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Welcome to "This is Definitely a Podcast!" If you like jokes that aren't thought out... then congrats! You've arrived to the right location! We inform, we advise, but mostly we goof. Email us at & follow us on twitter @TIDApodcast (TIDA is pronounced "ta-dah" like we pulled a rabbit out of a hat but it's just magical content from our brains) TIDA is trademarked under Ashley Arnoult and Abbey Peecher enterprises.

Episodes: 4


TIDA EP. 17: Tinder Date With Barbara Streisand

Duration: 36 min

EP. 16: Twelve Year Old Coachella Armor

Duration: 39 min

TIDA Ep. 15: Fraternity Rhino

Duration: 36 min

TIDA Ep. 14: Stu Doo Doo

Duration: 37 min

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