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Ep. 46 - Consumerism and Commentary, Throwback Episode!

Ep. 46 - Consumerism and Commentary, Throwback Episode!

(Originally recorded in April 2020) Tonight we're going live, talking about a couple of things that we've had on our mind lately, especially as the world keeps getting seemingly more strange every day.  Consumerism, and commentary.  In this time of quarantine or isolation, a lot of us are realizing that Amazon account has been a lot more active these days, and if you're spending any more time online, you'll notice the comment sections of almost any app, article, or post aren't exactly filled with positivity.  What's going on?  Vaney and Dan try to break down and chat a bit on consumerism, its driving factors, its impact, and also on the impact our commentary has on everything around us.

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