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Ep. 27 - Spending Time In Your Mind

Ep. 27 - Spending Time In Your Mind

What does it mean to actually spend time in your mind?  Over the course of the last three years we have asked thousands of people this question, "how much time, in minutes, would you say you have spent intentionally getting to know the way your mind works, troubleshooting it, adjusting it, learning how you and your mind work and work best?"  The answer is often astoundingly low. We'll spend hours working to understand the OS of our favorite device, phone, computer, program etc. - but the single greatest computer in the universe - our own mind - often goes over looked.  To take and spend even just 20 minutes a week, in reflection, thought, breaking down some of the ways your mind works will help you double down on your strengths, develop self-awareness and get into your flow state.  As always follow us @Think3DSolutions on all socials - for regular updates.  Dan @ Think 3D

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