2: The Night Receptionist

2: The Night Receptionist

Episode 2  "The Night Receptionist" by Sarah Kate Fenelon Mona is working the night-time shift, dealing with disgruntled guests and rude work colleagues… But as the clock strikes midnight and the mundane slowly twists into the mysterious, Mona soon realises that all may not be what it seems… Cast Includes: Niamh McPhillips, Cian Hoyne, Alix Bailey & Paul Harris. Directed & Produced by Ciarán Gallagher Presented by Emily Gillmor Murphy The Night Receptionist was produced by Ryots Productions in association with Headstuff Podcast Network, funded by The Arts Council Ireland. To hear more about They’re Only Stories and other Ryots Productions projects, please check us out on Facebook and Instagram at @ryotsproductions, learn more about us on our website RyotsProductions.com 

Duration: 30 min

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