1: Portobello

1: Portobello

Tess has had a tough night, stood up by her girlfriend, she decides to walk home alone. But Nellie, a kind older woman, offers her some company and comfort… That is until Nellie tells Tess a story, a story that she will wish she never heard… Episode 1 Portbello, by Hillary Dzminski Cast Includes: Emer Casey & Sinéad Keegan  Directed & Produced by Ciarán Gallagher Presented by Emily Gillmor Murphy Portobello, was produced by Ryots Productions in association with Headstuff Podcast Network, funded by the Arts Council Ireland. To hear more about They’re Only Stories and other Ryots Productions projects, please check us out on Facebook and Instagram at @ryotsproductions, learn more about us on our website RyotsProductions.com 

Duration: 37 min

Release Date:

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