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SEOexpo for business

SEOexpo for business

This a fresh episode from SEOexpo..TheSEOexpo podcast is a bi weekly show put on by SEOexpo.SEOexpo convers the marketing industry, focusing on SEO,paid search,social media,entrepreneurship,content marketing and Local SEO.Literary SEOexpo helps small and medium business grow..........Why did we create TheSEOexpo podcast? Our goal is to help thousand of businesses to be heard across the online world. So our first podcast for today will be "meaning of SEO and how you can use it to grow your business" ... .... ......Search engine optimization is a marketing technique that is used to gain or increase online visibility or put in a simple way SEO helps to get targeted traffic to your site through search engine....Basically Google uses a complex mathematical formula called an algorithm to give you a score to every website and every search people do in google to figure out what website should rank best for what people are looking for.Think of an algorithm like a collection of empty bucket.One bucket gives you a score for the quality of your site, one bucket gives you a score for how nany sites links to you,one bucket gives you a score for people trust.Your job is to fill up more buckets in the algorithm than any other website. You can affect your search engine ranking by having the highest score in terms of authority of your website, or having the highest score in terms of the most trusted store for that search people are looking for.The good thing is that there are hundreds of buckets, and for every buckets put together gives you a score.For you to fill it up and rank better.So optimizing your site for search result really means getting the highest score; this is the reason why SEO is important but why do every business need SEO.SEO in your business increase sales to your business, it brings customers to your doorstep,it retains customers, and it helps create brand awareness for you and your business..... Stay tuned to TheSEOexpo podcast, for more details on how you can use SEO to grow your brand . kingly follow us on these social media handles. Facebook @www.Facebook. com/SEOexpresso,Instagram @www.Instagram/SEOexpo ,Twitter @ Gideon,pinterest@ Gideon ,and email address com

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