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Episode 054 - The Mighty Casey (w/ Harry Moroz)

Episode 054 - The Mighty Casey (w/ Harry Moroz)

Holy wowza ka-blowza! This episode of the Twilight Zone Zone is so special! How special, you ask? Special enough! We're joined by the wonderful Harry Moroz! Harry is stand-up comedian and fantastic person living in Los Angeles. He lended us some insight on episode 35 of season 1: The Mighty Casey. It's an episode about some kind of incredible mechanical man with a body of steel and a heart of gold. We talk about the two most important topics in the world: baseball and what it means to be human! You can keep up with Harry on the Twitternet @hrmoroz and you should visit the incredible stand-up show he co-hosts! Crane's Comedy is at 8pm the second Monday of every month!

Duration: 1 hr 5 min

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