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Episode 053- Kick The Can (w/ Alex Hooper)

Episode 053- Kick The Can (w/ Alex Hooper)

Wowza! This weeks episode of the Twilight Zone Zone is so special you'll hardly believe it! We watch Season 3, Episode 21: Kick The Can. In this old-ass episode, an elderly man whose son doesn't love him wants to regain his youth with the help from a magical can. Spoiler alert: the magic was in him all along! We're joined by the wonderful Alex Hooper! Alex is a stand-up comic you may have seen on Comedy Central's Roast Battle and also all over Los Angeles. In this episode, we discuss the fleeting nature of youth, the importance of living in the moment, and strategies we use to remain feeling young! This episode is a real doozy and a heck of a good time, just like Alex. You can keep up with him on Twitter @HooperHairPuff. Also, Alex is releasing a Pug Yoga calendar to bring light and wrinkles into your life. You can check it out here: We also got a special email from a fan who gave us some fascinating insight. There's an article that was shared of us describing Rod Serling's religious background and you can see that here:

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