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The Land Shark | The Tome of Dungeoneering | Ep 10

The Land Shark | The Tome of Dungeoneering | Ep 10

Official Site: (   Blog: ( The Tome of Dungeoneering is a podcast focused on tabletop roleplaying. We aim to be system agnostic, covering a wealth of topics from across all of tabletop gaming. Our hosts will take turns using a unique combination of narrative voices, inclusivity, the Rule of Cool, and homebrew to bring you content that you can implement into your games.  The Tome of Dungeoneering podcast is produced by Into The Dungeon Studios in Atlanta, GA. ---------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- Support the Show If you love what we do, please come support us over at ( ------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- Credits Hosted By: Katie Patrick Recorded By: Into The Dungeon Studios LLC Audio Engineer: Ben Kruegar | ( ------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- Music Music made available by: ( Main theme: Finding the Truth by Cody Martin Code: VGGSODGWNMGPVSRY ----------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------

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