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5. AntiSocial Surf Club

5. AntiSocial Surf Club

AntiSocial Surf Club makes infectious and exciting poppy, punky, beach/mall music… that level of talk is the same accessibly and easy-going description they would give. I would say they’re triumphantly badass, which is also lazy, on my part. At any rate, this Kitchener (Ontario)-based 20-something foursome make music in-the-room, no fancy add-ons, nothing digital, and they do it like it ain’t no thang. I couldn’t help but spend most of the interview stunned, coming from highschool-a world full of music like theirs, while they were being born. Though instead of making me feel old and obsolete, they had fun with me, and we all had fun learning how they approach music! I met these guys in the modern age of exploring instagram and other things to see what’s out there. They were kind enough to send Matt and Bennett over for the experience, and not only did they deliver their interview & live songs, way earlier in the morning than they’re used to doing stuff, but they and I rehearsed and recorded a live performance of “Surf Wax America” by Weezer. I might put that back up online someday. Songs: “Josie’s Talking”, “Squidd” & “Beaches” by AntiSocial Surf Club [Live on TDS] AntiSocial Surf Club Links: Bandcamp: Facebook @antisocialsurfclub Instagram @antisocial_surf_club Twitter @antisocialsurfclub Produced, edited and hosted by Todd. V/O by Milo Axelrod. Theme music is excerpts of “Makie Elkino” (Live) by William Chernoff. Piano outro music by JP Sunga. Presented in part by Afternoon Tea - Artist Collective + Record Label. Born of the Shun Club. Shunned since 2012. --- Send in a voice message:

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