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Toadcast #65 - The Clustercast

Toadcast #65 - The Clustercast

As you might expect from the title, this is one ungodly clusterfuck of a podcast.  It was recorded well into the early hours of the morning with Dylan, Neil and DC who were all in the house by virtue of Homegame being imminent (happening already by the time you hear this) and the Meursault EP being in the final stages of completion.  DC stopped by the house on his way to Fife, Neil was around to put CDs into card envelopes and Dylan, er, just likes beer I think. There's was also some heinous Norweigan anus cheese being eaten as well.  Toffee-flavoured cheese.  Fucking toffee-flavoured fucking cheese.  Honestly, it is the most disgusting substance known to man and looks just a little bit like brown plasticine. Anyway, please don't expect anything coherent or, frankly, even anything listenable.  Four of us sat around and bellowed incoherently into a microphone for a couple of hours, and frankly that's exactly what it sounds like.  There are some good songs, though, and somereally good new music but, erm, honestly you might want to skip the talky bits.   Actually, you know the first time anyone talks any sense whatsoever on this podcast?  The last link.  Really.  We get drunker and drunker and more incoherent, and then right at the end there's an utterly shocking outbreak of common sense. Toadcast #65 - The Clustercast 01. Eels - Fresh Blood (02.27) 02. Jeffrey Lewis - Don't Be Upset (10.10) 03. Slim Twig - Young Hussies (17.07) 04. Queens of the Stone Age - No One Knows (21.04) 05. Dame Satan - Suffering Daughter (33.03) 06. Eagle Winged Palace - Hand of Doom (36.21) 07. Arab Strap - Fucking Little Bastards (43.49) 08. Graffiti Island - Wolfguy (53.47) 09. Graham Coxon - In the Morning (66.12)

Duration: 1 hr 15 min

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