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Verna Gillis

Verna Gillis

This is Episode 1, Season 1 of The TMI Project Podcast, Tragedy + Time = Comedy featuring Verna Gillis. It was produced in partnership with Radio Kingson with production assistance from Ida Hakkila, Nate Brogan, Marlan Barry and Manuel Blas.Dr. Verna Gillis has a storied career recording and producing multicultural albums with famous world musicians like Daneile Ponce. She founded Soundcape, a jazz club in New York City, a musical home to nurture the careers of countless musicians. In this premiere episode of The TMI Project Podcast we take a deep dive into Verna’s life story and discover that through grief Verna found her voice as a writer and “sit down” comedian. Useful Links: Verna’s WebsiteVerna Gillis on WikipediaBradford Graves on WikipediaDaniel Ponce on WikipediaRoswell Rudd on WikipediaSoundscape on WikipediaVerna’s albums on Smithsonian FolkwaysThe Muse of the Melting Pot, The New York Times, April 1990Awesome and Gruesome by the Olders 

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