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Shawaine Comes to America

Shawaine Comes to America

This is Episode 5, Season 2 of The TMI Project Podcast: Black Stories Matter featuring TMI Project storyteller Shawaine Davis. This episode was produced by Hayley Downs and mixed by Marlan Barry. It was co-produced by Radio Kingston. Special thanks to Ida Hakkila, Nate Brogan, Kale Kaposhilin, Jimmy Buff, and North Guild Productions. Shawaine Davis was born in Jamaica where she was in the majority but at 7 she moved to Kingston, NY, where she quickly learned that racism, ignorance, and fear are synonymous words. Shawaine wrote and performed her story during TMI Project's first-ever all-teen production of Black Stories Matter. Useful Links: TMI Project: www.tmiproject.orgKingston High School:

Duration: 9 min

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