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Season 2: Black Stories Matter Trailer

Season 2: Black Stories Matter Trailer

The TMI Project Podcast is a free quarterly podcast featuring radically candid true stories from historically underrepresented populations often overlooked by mainstream media. In alignment with the Black Lives Matter movement, Season two of The TMI Project Podcast: Black Stories Matter amplifies the voices of Black storytellers who got on stage and shared their stories of joy, pain and resilience.TMI Project will launch Season 2 of The TMI Project Podcast: Black Stories Matter, on October 28th, 2020.About TMI ProjectTMI Project is a nonprofit transmedia organization that believes in the power of changing the world one radically true story at a time. Since 2010, TMI Project has led approximately 90 true storytelling workshops and staged live storytelling performances by more than 1,750 storytellers, which have been presented to audiences of nearly 50,000 people in schools, colleges, prisons, mental health clinics, theaters, community centers and the United Nations. The culminating content – written stories, live storytelling performances, videos, and podcasts – is accessible to an all-inclusive audience. In response to Trayvon Martin’s and so many other Black people's murders at the hand of police, TMI Project launched Black Stories Matter – Black-led true storytelling programming where Black folks can write about, share, and reflect upon their experiences without having to justify, explain, or defend the truth of their lived experiences.The Voices of Season 2: Black Stories MatterDara LurieSTORYTELLER AND WORKSHOP LEADER“Writing and then sharing my story in my first TMI Project performance in 2017 allowed me to affirm and claim an important part of my life experience. Performing with and now mentoring other groups of TMI Project workshop writers, I’ve found the family I always wanted: a family based on telling stories with truth, courage and compassion.”Freedom WalkerSTORYTELLER“Reading the story was my gift to my family members who have passed on and to my ancestors. I was able to acknowledge them. I never had that opportunity to do that publicly before. I was able to challenge what society labelled as one of the many terrible situations to go through. In society’s term, my life was basically over.”Twinkle BurkeSTORYTELLER“I felt and feel empowered to speak up about racism that I encounter daily. It has helped me be stronger in sighting and correcting the ‘pedestrian’ racism in the world.Jessieca McNabbSTORYTELLER“TMI Project has definitely changed my life. It has taught me how to express myself in a way that is healing. I am able to articulate situations without the shame that normally would have been attached.”Shawaine DavisSTORYTELLER“Writing my story with TMI Project was like a light coming through a dark door. My story brought out elements in myself I did not previously think I had. It also helped me gain confidence, and most importantly, it helped me find the strength to speak up. I felt free to share my story, I felt like now I had a voice and people would hear it.”This show would not be possible without:Hayley Downs, Podcast ProducerWriter, storyteller, documentary filmmaker and TMI Project workshop leader. Radio Kingston, Podcast Partner Radio Kingston is a non-commercial platform dedicated to a vibrant, just, and healthy Kingston centered around community storytelling, artistic and musical expression, conversation and connection.Black Stories Matter will be of particular interest to the growing Black Lives Matter movement to end systemic racism as activists and allies continue the work of amplifying Black voices.In conversation with shows like The 1619 Project and Into America, Black Stories Matter serves as a resource for authentic, intersectional and nuanced stories about the Black experience that inspires introspection and accountability.Visit for more information, and subscribe to The TMI Project Podcast everywhere you listen to podcasts.

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