The Three Tomatoes

Vital, Glowing, Healthy Skin Care Tips

Vital, Glowing, Healthy Skin Care Tips

This week join SF Editor Kim Selby as she interviews Karen Ballou, founder of an all-natural skincare line Immunocolgie, which she developed after a two-year bout with Hodgkins Lymphoma. Karen's love of beauty began at age 10 and her 30+ year career in the beauty industry started with Elizabeth Arden. Her journey is fascinating. After her bout with cancer she realized that what we put on our skin has a huge impact on healing our immune system. Her goal is to help women be the best they can be. Another fascinating Tomato you will love! SPECIAL OFFER: Use code 3TP20 code, for a 20% savings! Visit Listen in at or wherever you listen to podcasts.   Learn more about The Three Tomatoes.

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