#14 Spanglish Couple

#14 Spanglish Couple

In this episode of The Official Teachify English Podcast: A conversation between Lewis and Estela speaking about how they met and discussing some interesting aspects of being in a bilingual relationship. Below you have some of the tricky words and phrases used:Chocoholic - someone who is addicted to chocolate.Shopaholic - someone who is addicted to shopping. Get by (in a language) - to do the basics to survive using a language. Slang - specific informal words. Take the words right out of (my) mouth - to say what someone was going to say.Be two peas in a pod - to be very similar, alike or destined for each other. Chilled - relaxed, calm or easygoing. Go on and on - to continue doing something for a long time.Ring a bell - sound familiar.Not only that, though, in case you didn't quite understand the joke at the end, here it is. Why should you never date a tennis player? BECAUSE LOVE MEANS NOTHING TO THEM. JEJE. 

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