The Takenicians

SZN 2 #2 - Real Life Zombies

SZN 2 #2 - Real Life Zombies

This week Scott and Fugazi get pumped over the potential return of NCAA football, Kanye' album, and what we did for Halloween. Fugazi get's zombie'd but Lacey is there to let him know what it truly means. We get an update on Lacey's love life and the dates that were or were not. This time Lacey gives the Takenicians some advice. 3;18 Kanye West5:19 Halloween 2k198:46 Looking for love with Lacey 10:51 Did Lacey make it on a date?!12:30 Halloween14:45 Fugazi's encounter with a zombie 18:35 Why do people go back to their ex's?

Duration: 23 min

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