Deniz Hekmati

S2E12 | Let The Games Begin

S2E12 | Let The Games Begin

It’s a big week: the Olympic Games Begin.  An event only the top tier of athletes have the honor of competing together with outstanding support and coaching staff. If you are a swimming nerd and want to hear some of my predictions, analysis between swimming in USA v. Sweden v. Turkey and also update you on my move to Norway - this episode is a great build-up prior to the games.  This is what we have been waiting for! It's the pinnacle of sports.  Michael Andrew knows, the world is watching.  Katie Ledecky - has the world caught up? Sarah Sjöström - can she shock the world after a remarkable recovery? We’ll find out soon.  The Swimmer Strength Experience Our Exercise & Workout Library Performance Talks Strength & Dryland Workshops for Swimmers

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