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Two Minute Test Message and 1 Big Question for YOU!

Two Minute Test Message and 1 Big Question for YOU!

Hello there, this is just a 2 minute message that I'm using to test a big change AND to ask you one big question. I'll be back Wednesday with a full episode. In the meantime, have a great day! More About The Storied Recipe Podcast My weekly guests share a recipe cherished for its significance to their culture, heritage, memories, and family. I make, photograph, and share these recipes on my food and photography blog, During the interview, we use the recipe as a springboard and dive deep into the guest's life experiences, culture, and expertise. As a community, we become more grateful for the gift of food, better cooks and global citizens, and we honor those that loved us through their cooking. Support the podcast with a share or review: The Storied Recipe is more than a podcast. It is a community of curious, thoughtful individuals that love food, culture, and people. I depend on the community for feedback and the growth of the podcast. If you enjoyed this episode, would you please consider sending it to a friend or family member? Also, every review helps new listeners find the podcast. They mean so, so much to me personally. With all the different devices and podcast players out there, it can be a little tricky to figure out how to figure out how to leave one. If you click on this link, a really smart guy named Daniel created a handy system that will automatically detect your device and help you easily leave a review!! Thanks so much! Leave a review using The Storied Recipe Podcast Website: The Storied Recipe on Instagram: @thestoriedrecipe.podcast The Storied Recipe on Pinterest: @thestoriedrecipe

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