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Take Them A Meal Founder Adina Bailey on Starting and Growing A Truly Service-Based Businesses

Take Them A Meal Founder Adina Bailey on Starting and Growing A Truly Service-Based Businesses

There’s this verse in the Bible that says, “Do not grow weary in doing good, for in the proper time you will reap a harvest.” And while you may hear a lot of theologians debate what those words mean, exactly, I think maybe we just need to hear this episode from Adina, founder of Take Them A Meal to gain insight. The words of that verse played over and over again in my mind as I listened to Adina in today’s episode. 13 years ago, Adina and her friend Scott started a website - - simply to help a mother of 4 in crisis. With no marketing plan, no big dreams, and no desire to do anything but serve other people like their friend, the website has grown to employ a whole team of employees, sustain 1.5 million visits a month, and facilitate hundreds of thousands of meals taken to families in crisis, grief, or transition every week. As Adina shares the details of why they rejected advertising on their site, the years that she and Scott worked on a volunteer basis, choosing to see the site as a service not a business, their highly empathetic hiring process, and their frequent sending of free meals, you’ll remember, as I did, that maybe hustle and profitability aren’t the highest callings out there. And maybe we’ll all learn from Adina, also, to redefine the harvest for which we hope. Listen to Adina Now Highlights of This Episode with Adina Bailey, Founder of Take Them A Meal My story with Take Them A Meal Adina's story - how she started it How it grew in 3 years when she wasn't even paying attention Choosing to reject advertisers and hire employees before paying herself Her working relationship with her co-founder, Scott Responding to a need with Send Them A Meal, which ships each day and provides full-time salaries for a team Adina's best tips on sending meals and staying sane Packaging tips Adina's favorite recipe to send Memories of her grandfather's mashed potatoes   Ways to find TakeThemAMeal, SendThemAMeal, and Perfect Potluck Take Them A Meal Website Send Them A Meal Store Perfect Potluck Website Instagram: @takethemameal Pinterest: @takethemameal   Adina's Favorite Meal to Send - Balsamic Chicken Thighs Balsamic Chicken Thigh (Slow Cooker Recipes)   I'll also think you'll love this episode Ep. 059 - A Sacred Story with Molé Mama, Diana Silva More About The Storied Recipe Podcast The concept of The Storied Recipe is unique - every guest gives me a recipe that represents a cherished memory, custom, or person. I actually make, photograph, and share the recipe. During the interview, I discuss the memories and culture around the recipe, and also my experience (especially my mistakes and questions!) as I tried it. My listeners and I are a community that believes food is a love language unto itself. With every episode, we become better cooks and global citizens, more grateful for the gift of food, and we honor those that loved us through their cooking. Subscribe to the podcast in Apple Podcasts, Google Podcasts, Spotify, Stitcher, or simply search for The Storied Recipe in your favorite player. I am also a storytelling photographer celebrating food in extraordinary light You can shop The Storied Recipe Print Shop (where every image tells a story) here. Please Rate or Review The Podcast The Storied Recipe is more than a podcast. It is a community of curious, thoughtful individuals that love food, culture, and people. I depend on the community for feedback and the growth of the podcast. If you enjoyed this episode, would you please consider sending it to a friend or family member? Also, every review helps new listeners find the podcast. They mean so, so much to me personally. With all the different devices and podcast players out there, it can be a little tricky to figure out how to figure out how to leave one. If you click on this link, it will automatically detect your device and show you how to easily leave a review!!

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