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Ep. 072 – Leprosy, Loyalty, Loss, and the Love of 3 Mothers

Ep. 072 – Leprosy, Loyalty, Loss, and the Love of 3 Mothers

Welcome, listeners, to this re-release of my interview with Suwanee Lennon. I first released this well over a year ago in January of 2020. Simply put this is one of the most powerful stories I’ve ever heard and I’m genuinely excited for you to hear it today.  Suwanee Lennon spent her childhood in a leprosy camp in Thailand. Within the gates of that camp, Suwanee endured extreme poverty and the fear of bullies who were there to victimize this vulnerable community. Outside the camp, Suwanee experienced rejection and mockery from unkind, or sometimes simply fearful, people. Although Suwanee never had leprosy herself, she never distanced herself from her leprous family. She was stood proudly by the side of her blind, maimed uncle as other jeered at them. Despite Suwanee’s loyalty, she did eventually leave the leprosy camp, and this came about through the love of a mother. In fact, Suwanee had not one, not two, but three mothers in her life - and all of them loved her enough to make the greatest sacrifice of all - to say goodbye to Suwanee, to give her a life they simply couldn’t have themselves. I promise you will finish this episode with awe in your hearts - awe for the resilience, strength, and love of the 4 women in this story; Suwanee and her 3 mothers. Just a heads up, it’s been about 16 months since I released this episode, so it’s definitely time to catch up with Suwanee. She and I will be going LIVE together on Instagram next Tuesday at 1pm, so make sure to tune in and listen to  us then. Highlights of This Episode: Learning about Suwanee's 3 loving mothers Her uncle's courage and dignity What survivor's eat Why Suwanee was no longer safe in her community The impact of world cuisine's on Suwanee's cooking A trip back to Thailand that took Suwanee full circle   Recipes Associated With This Episode Spicy Ramen Noodles Recipe   How To Find Suwanee Lennon Website: Facebook: Instagram: @simply.suwanee

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