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Ep. 070 – Jamaican Chicken Soup with Ashley and Her Mother Precious

Ep. 070 – Jamaican Chicken Soup with Ashley and Her Mother Precious

Welcome to the 2nd episode in our Mother’s Day series. I came across Ashley’s work at Bright Root’s Kitchen a long time ago and I particularly enjoyed a Live interview she did with her mother, Precious. Just like last week’s guests, the relationship between Ashley and Precious was so close and natural, they easily went from teasing one another to supporting each other through difficult parts of the conversation.  So when I was looking for mother’s to interview, along with their children, Ashley was the first I thought of.  I wanted to hear more about their memories of Jamaica, Brooklyn, Queens, and there was one thing in particular that I, personally, wondered as a mother raising 4 boys who are already now searching, seeking for their own identities, apart from mine, and making their own paths, away from our family. This is quite natural and good and healthy, but also a little painful, certainly bittersweet. And I wondered: is that process more painful when a 1st generation immigrant watches their child adapt and adopt a new country? How challenging was it for Precious, a Jamaican, to accept Ashley’s assertion that she was a Black American woman?  To listen to these two discuss their memories of a chicken soup made by at least 5 generations of women, the Jamaican heritage, and the global village that gave them what they needed to thrive, we remember that the love of a parent and child can stay strong (and even be strengthened by) the teenage years, differences in personalities, and even arriving at new, separate identities. I’m so grateful to Ashley and Precious for this joyful, thought-provoking, uplifting, and illuminating conversation. I’m honored to welcome them to the podcast today. Enjoy. The story and meaning of the name “Precious” Sights and sounds of Kingston, Jamaica Sights and sounds of NYC Memories of 5 generations in a Brownstone house Cooking for 11 people at 14 years old “America is not an easy place” The grandmother who provided for the huge extended family Is pumpkin grown in Jamaica? Navigating a mother-daughter relationship, adolescence, and changing identities as first and second generation Jamaican Americans Pregnancy loss and motherhood How To Connect With Ashley of Bright Roots Kitchen Website: Instagram: @brightrootskitchen Pinterest: @brightrootskitchen   Recipe Related to this Episode Jamaican Chicken Soup   More About The Storied Recipe Podcast The concept of The Storied Recipe is unique - every guest gives me a recipe that represents a cherished memory, custom, or person. I actually make, photograph, and share the recipe. During the interview, I discuss the memories and culture around the recipe, and also my experience (especially my mistakes and questions!) as I tried it. My listeners and I are a community that believes food is a love language unto itself. With every episode, we become better cooks and global citizens, more grateful for the gift of food, and we honor those that loved us through their cooking.   Subscribe to the podcast in Apple Podcasts, Google Podcasts, Spotify, Stitcher, or simply search for The Storied Recipe in your favorite player.   I am also a storytelling photographer celebrating food in extraordinary light You can shop The Storied Recipe Print Shop (where every image tells a story) here.   Please Rate or Review The Podcast Leaving ratings and reviews are one of the best ways to support the podcast! I deeply appreciate every single one. Sometimes it can be tricky to know how to leave a review on your particular device, so I have this handy little site that makes it really easy for you! Simply go to and any option that works for YOUR device will show up. Click on any option, leave a review, and I will be SO grateful!!! Thank you, thank you!!

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