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Ep. 067 – Soul Food, The White House, and Icebox Pie with Adrian Miller, the Soul Food Scholar

Ep. 067 – Soul Food, The White House, and Icebox Pie with Adrian Miller, the Soul Food Scholar

Hello, listeners (readers), I’m so thankful and happy you’re here today! and I’m very honored to introduce you to Adrian Miller, otherwise known as the Soul Food Scholar. I recently read the second of Adrian’s 3 books (so far) The President’s Kitchen Cabinet, about the The Story of the African Americans Who Have Fed Our First Families, from the Washingtons to the Obamas. I loved this book of historical anecdotes which were interesting in their own right and also often served to teach larger truths about the office and the country. But honestly, I was hooked while reading Adrian’s bio, which was written with a humor and humility that belied his impressive resume.  Among other accomplishments, Adrian Miller served as a special assistant to President Bill Clinton with his Initiative for One America – the first free-standing office in the White House to address issues of racial, religious and ethnic reconciliation. He is a James Beard Award winner, attorney, and certified barbecue judge who lives in Denver, Colorado and currently leads the Colorado Council of Churches as they work together for justice.  Adrian was kind enough to come on and answer my fumbling questions about many of these topics - from the scholarly definition of Soul Food, to his personal history, and finally his ongoing and, sadly, often frustrating work on the front of racial reconciliation. I am grateful to Adrian for his scholarship, wisdom, and time, I commend his books to you, and I am thrilled to share this interview today.   Highlights from this episode with Adrian Miller Historical context for church and meals in minority communities "A community cannot come together without food" Why is there a vegetable plate at any soul food restaurant? What's the hottest trend in soul food? Complicated relationship: Southern Cooking, Down Home Cooking, Soul Food What's the definition of Soul Food and is it being redefined? Who can make Soul Food? His childhood ambition and what went from there Working for President Clinton's initiaive on race Is simply listening to each other enough? Food & racial reconciliation A dinner guide for difficult conversations His research process   Ways to Connect with Adrian Miller, Soul Food Scholar Website: Instagram: @soulfoodscholar Adrian's First Book: Soul Food Adrian's Second Book: The President's Kitchen Cabinet Adrian's Latest Book: Black Smoke   Recipe Related to This Episode (From Adrian's Mom!) Lemon Icebox Pie More About The Storied Recipe Podcast The concept of The Storied Recipe is unique - every guest gives me a recipe that represents a cherished memory, custom, or person. I actually make, photograph, and share the recipe. During the interview, I discuss the memories and culture around the recipe, and also my experience (especially my mistakes and questions!) as I tried it. My listeners and I are a community that believes food is a love language unto itself. With every episode, we become better cooks and global citizens, more grateful for the gift of food, and we honor those that loved us through their cooking.   Subscribe to the podcast in Apple Podcasts, Google Podcasts, Spotify, Stitcher, or simply search for The Storied Recipe in your favorite player.   I am also a storytelling photographer celebrating food in extraordinary light You can shop The Storied Recipe Print Shop (where every image tells a story) here.   Please Rate or Review The Podcast Podchaser is donating 25 cents to Meals on Wheels America's Go Further Fund for EVERY podcast and episode review on Podchaser this April. And the best part is they will DOUBLE it every time a podcast replies to the review! Of course, I'd be honored to reply to your review - So!!! You can help me spread the stories on this podcast to more and more people all while sending meals to those in need!! I have a super simple way for you to do this - sim...

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