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Eva Kosmas Flores on Looking for Lessons

Eva Kosmas Flores on Looking for Lessons

If you’ve ever taken a photo of your food and posted it on Instagram, you’ve probably heard of Eva Kosmas Flores, a hugely popular food photographer, food photography educator, blogger, and cookbook author. However, before Eva gained 30K followers in one weekend and was catapulted into Instagram fame, she was poised for success. Eva had already chosen to rest her business - and her life, really - on a genuine kindness to all, and on authenticity, passion, and curiosity. She had cultivated creativity and that special type of adventurous spirit it takes to shoot for lofty goals. And to get everything done, Eva knew how to stay organized and efficient. To be so ambitious and yet so kind, so creative while also systematic is a rare combination of traits, and Eva teaches these in her classes and creative workshops. But how did she gain these values and talents? Well, through her story, of course, which I was honored to hear and explore and am honored to share with you today. The thing is, that weekend of meteoric growth is *not* what made Eva successful. Rather, it was her openness to learn from every step of her journey. From childhood in her parent’s Greek deli, to an out-of-work 20 something, fired for finally standing up for herself, to an assistant producer for a major network, and at many other points in between, Eva was learning, growing, and gaining the exact skills she needed to excel. As you listen to Eva’s story, you can’t help but shift your perspective from what’s wrong with your situation to what you can learn from it. And of course, she helps us all remember to show kindness at every opportunity. Welcome Eva! Listen to Eva Now   Highlights of This Episode with Eva Kosmas Flores Eva's approach to styling a scene The many ways Eva's mother exemplified kindness The only thing Eva hated about going to her parent's Greek deli What she learned from her parent's business How Eva learned photography and found her style "Job hopping" in her 20's and learning at every stop "There is something more important than providing financially" Meeting her husband, Jeremy The amazing story of buying their homestead property Recipe Shared by Eva Pear and Pistachio Pie   Ways to Connect with Eva Kosmas Flores Seasonal Living: Food Photography & Business Education & Resources: Cookbook: Adventures In Chicken Cookbook: First We Eat Instagram: @evakosmasflores Pinterest: @evakosmasflores   Pin This Episode   More About The Storied Recipe Podcast The concept of The Storied Recipe is unique - every guest gives me a recipe that represents a cherished memory, custom, or person. I actually make, photograph, and share the recipe. During the interview, I discuss the memories and culture around the recipe, and also my experience (especially my mistakes and questions!) as I tried it. My listeners and I are a community that believes food is a love language unto itself. With every episode, we become better cooks and global citizens, more grateful for the gift of food, and we honor those that loved us through their cooking. Subscribe to the podcast in Apple Podcasts, Google Podcasts, Spotify, Stitcher, or simply search for The Storied Recipe in your favorite player. I am also a storytelling photographer celebrating food in extraordinary light You can shop The Storied Recipe Print Shop (where every image tells a story) here. Please Rate or Review The Podcast The Storied Recipe is more than a podcast. It is a community of curious, thoughtful individuals that love food, culture, and people. I depend on the community for feedback and the growth of the podcast. If you enjoyed this episode, would you please consider sending it to a friend or family member? Also, every review helps new listeners find the podcast. They mean so, so much to me personally.

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