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Choosing Freedom with Fatima Mortada of Hummus Meets Pizza

Choosing Freedom with Fatima Mortada of Hummus Meets Pizza

Hello readers!! Thanks for tuning in today! I’m going to keep this introduction brief because I just can’t wait for you to hear from Fatima, of the popular blog "Hummus Meets Pizza" and one of the most courageously independent and optimistic women I know. Fatima was born in Lebanon, not in the urban center of Beirut, but in a small rural town containing Roman ruins, produce markets where her father sold the vegetables Fatima helped picked at 4am every morning, and bakeries making Safiha, the delicious open-faced Lamb pies Fatima shares with us.  At 16 years old, Fatima came to live in the U.S. for 5 years. She returned to Lebanon at 21, very much a changed woman, and found she no longer fit into the beloved small town where her family has lived for hundreds of years. What I admire most about Fatima is this: While her circumstances easily could have led her to conclude she was alone, driftless, and cultureless, she instead chose to to love and embrace the best in both cultures, Lebanese and American. She has chosen New York City as her home. There, she lives a free life where she celebrates her Lebanese heritage, her family’s love, their frugality, and open-mindedness by creating for herself a “slow life in a big city.” And yes, food plays a big part in every facet of that celebration. For me, Fatima’s words remind us that we can speak truth boldy while embracing nuance and loving & respecting those with different opinions. Listen to Fatima Now &nbsp Highlights from this episode with Fatima Mortada The ancient Roman city of Baalbek, beautiful like Tuscany Italy Mutual respect for religions in a city 80% Muslim, 20% Christian Her father’s open-minded attitude towards women The limitations on women in her home culture How to replicate a bakery in Lebanon when making Safiha - meat pies Green onions, radishes, and tomatoes, lemon juice Picking from the garden every morning at 4:30am  What is “the good life”? Is cooking a symbol of repression for women? Her moniker - “Hummus Meets Pizza”   Ways to Connect with Fatima Mortada of Hummus Meets Pizza Website: Instagram: @hummusmeetspizza   Recipe Related to This Episode Safiha - Lebanese Meat Pies       More About The Storied Recipe Podcast The concept of The Storied Recipe is unique - every guest gives me a recipe that represents a cherished memory, custom, or person. I actually make, photograph, and share the recipe. During the interview, I discuss the memories and culture around the recipe, and also my experience (especially my mistakes and questions!) as I tried it. My listeners and I are a community that believes food is a love language unto itself. With every episode, we become better cooks and global citizens, more grateful for the gift of food, and we honor those that loved us through their cooking.   Subscribe to the podcast in Apple Podcasts, Google Podcasts, Spotify, Stitcher, or simply search for The Storied Recipe in your favorite player.   I am also a storytelling photographer celebrating food in extraordinary light You can shop The Storied Recipe Print Shop (where every image tells a story) here.   Please Rate or Review The Podcast Podchaser is donating 25 cents to Meals on Wheels America's Go Further Fund for EVERY podcast and episode review on Podchaser this April. And the best part is they will DOUBLE it every time a podcast replies to the review! Of course, I'd be honored to reply to your review - So!!! You can help me spread the stories on this podcast to more and more people all while sending meals to those in need!! I have a super simple way for you to do this - simply go to and Podchaser will show up as one of your options. Just head to Podchaser, add a 5 star rating and type a review.

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