Introducing Terranauts - A New SpaceQ Podcast With Iain Christie

Introducing Terranauts - A New SpaceQ Podcast With Iain Christie

Hi, I’m Marc Boucher and this is the SpaceQ podcast. What happens when you bring Iain Christie and Marc Boucher together? Well, naturally they’re both going to want to talk, a lot. One of the outcomes of that June meeting was the idea to start a new podcast. That podcast idea is now Terranauts, which will join the SpaceQ family in September. Ok, so what is Terranauts going to be about? Well… How do you inspire the next generation of workers in the space sector? One way is to tell the compelling stories of those people who are firmly rooted here on Earth, unlikely to ever fly into space. We call these people Terranauts. They are 99.9% of the workforce, a vast majority of which you rarely hear about. Their contributions are essential to our knowledge of space and its use to benefit humanity. Today, in introducing Terranauts, I’m going to turn the tables on the host of the new SpaceQ pop-up podcast, Iain Christie, and interview him. Iain’s first episode will air in September. Listen in.

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