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Signs Of Burnout & Steps To Holistic Healing with Dr. Amy Shah

Signs Of Burnout & Steps To Holistic Healing with Dr. Amy Shah

In this episode, Jenay chats with Dr. Amy Shah about burnout and steps to holistically healing your fatigue.  WATCH THE FREE CLASS: APPLY FOR GBM: Got questions? DM Jenay on IG @namastejenay Join the FB Community: *Once you're admitted, please make a post introducing yourself + sharing something you want to learn this year + a selfie for a warm welcome! We can't wait to see your aha moments from this episode! Please post a soundbite, quote, or phrase that resonated with you and share this with your tribe. Be sure to TAG US on social @namastejenay Website: Connect with Jenay: Freebie Library: XOXO A little about what burnout actually is and some signs we can use to learn more about our body to recognize when we’re experiencing issues (9:20) Reasons she feels like young and vibrant people are experiencing these issues (13:20) Tips on how to help heal this type of burnout and fatigue (18:00) What intermittent fasting is and how it can help (23:42) What it looks like in the non-fasting part of intermittent fasting (26:42) How different bodies have different needs (31:20) What Amy’s take is on mapping the belief, or mindset, with the action (36:44) The most important takeaway that she wants to share when it comes to healing, noticing something is wrong, and becoming your own healer (41:42) The message she feels she is here to share with the world (47:10)

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