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Shift Your Emotions with These Simple Hacks | Ep. 09

Shift Your Emotions with These Simple Hacks | Ep. 09

Jenay is back with a POWERFUL solo episode. She is diving deep into what your emotions really are at their foundation, how they are impacting your life, getting to the root of the emotion or figuring out what is behind it and so much more. Jenay enlightens us with some simple, strategic and powerful tools that we can utilize to shift our emotions, which shifts our energy and creates a huge chain reaction of healing and growth. In this episode you'll learn how you to gain control over your emotions (and thus your thoughts), why this is powerful, how to call your energy back to you, and how to repurpose your thoughts and emotions to create growth versus stagnation. We KNOW you're going to have to some major takeaways from this episode. Please share a screen shot this episode and tag @namastejenay on IG! This is such a beautiful way to serve our community and help spread this knowledge!!!! Be sure to take a second and leave a review in iTunes! This is a big yet easy way you can support this podcast, which has NO ads! PS: If you've been wanting to work with Jenay, now is your chance! Join The Confidence MasterClass, a new 4 week LIVE program launching in April: Apply for Jenay's signature 6 week coaching intensive YOH for April/May: Follow her on IG: Join her private FB:

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