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Live Insta Q&A With Namaste Jenay | Ep. 19

Live Insta Q&A With Namaste Jenay | Ep. 19

You asked... and Jenay delivered! This week Jenay gave her good vibe tribe the opportunity to ask ANYTHING and get their questions answered by her. This episode features YOUR amazing, deep rooted, no-holds-bar questions that have Namaste Jenay getting vulnerable and bearing her soul. Topics covered: - manifestation - the rituals jenay swears by - how to stay in alignment - how to handle toxic relationships with family members - how to overcome scarcity mindset - how to get over the fear of investing in yourself - Namaste Jenay's newest program for coaches, healers, light workers - how to cultivate a better mindset - the experiences that changed Namaste Jenay's life - Best spiritual books for transformation - and SOOO much more This episode is not to be missed! If Jenay answered your question, be sure to SHARE IT ON IG STORIES with your takeaway & tag @namastejenay! This is just part 1 of the Q&A. If you have a question, DM Jenay @namastejenay with your question for part 2 next week. We want to know your favorite part of this episode!??! TAKE A SCREENS SHOT WHILE & SHARE ON IG STORIES, tag @namastejenay Please take a moment to RATE & REVIEW THIS PODCAST on iTunes! This content is created 100% free for you. Sharing & Reviewing the podcast are the two ways you can support this effort. Connect with Jenay: Freebie Library: IG: FB Group: XOXO

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