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Jenay Gets Interviewed: The Power of Intuition in Business

Jenay Gets Interviewed: The Power of Intuition in Business

In this episode, Jenay gets interviewed by Libby of the Behind the Dream podcast and they chat about the power of intuition in business.  WATCH THE FREE CLASS: APPLY FOR GBM: Got questions? DM Jenay on IG @namastejenay Join the FB Community: *Once you're admitted, please make a post introducing yourself + sharing something you want to learn this year + a selfie for a warm welcome! We can't wait to see your aha moments from this episode! Please post a soundbite, quote, or phrase that resonated with you and share this with your tribe. Be sure to TAG US on social @namastejenay Website: Connect with Jenay: Freebie Library: XOXO What we share about in this episode: 3 things I do to stay grounded and tapped into alignment and intuition as a business mentor (8:25) About my quantum energy healer and how he helps me by using a combination of gene keys, quantum energy healing, and communicating with the body (13:05) What I do to self-heal (15:28) My thoughts on listening within, trusting my own intuition, and not always being on the search for the next thing (17:33) What I feel my secret sauce is (22:00) My experience with business boundaries: whether I had them in the beginning or had to learn them, and how that affects authority in business (27:45) A few things I do to make sure I set boundaries when doing my own work (34:20) How I nourish, energize, and stay in my vibrancy through what I eat and drink (42:25)

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