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Jenay Gets Interviewed: My Story, Unfiltered

Jenay Gets Interviewed: My Story, Unfiltered

In this replay episode, Jenay gets interviewed by Celine Wallace of the Satva & Soul podcast about her story completely unfiltered.  JOIN THE FREE WEBINAR NEXT TUESDAY 1/21:  APPLY FOR GBM: htts:// Learn more: Got questions? DM Jenay on IG @namastejenay Join the FB Community: htts:// *Once you're admitted, please make a post introducing yourself + sharing something you want to learn this year + a selfie for a warm welcome! We can't wait to see your aha moments from this episode! Please post a soundbite, quote, or phrase that resonated with you and share this with your tribe. Be sure to TAG US on social @namastejenay Website: Connect with Jenay: Freebie Library: XOXO How I stop myself from getting overwhelmed from constantly being available (10:49) My life hacks for when you need to come back to yourself (11:51) What brain dumping is and how you can do it (14:21) Why I think people are avoiding addressing where they are now (16:23) Examples of where I have self-sabotaged myself (18:17) Advice on what to do when you’re ready to start making a change and you know you’re not where you’re supposed to be (27:28) What I would say to you if the people in your life are not supportive of you starting to make changes (32:19) Advice if you are having limiting beliefs about making changes (35:25) My key tips for living a more inspired and motivated life (45:20) Why I don’t follow many people on social media and why those that I do follow are muted (48:00) How to deal with negativity online (51:58) One main takeaway for you to move forward if you know that you’re lying to yourself (54:44)  

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