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How to Recession Proof Your Biz with Scott Oldford

How to Recession Proof Your Biz with Scott Oldford

In this episode, Jenay chats with her mentor, Scott Oldford all about how to recession-proof your biz so that whenever a global pandemic (or anything else) occurs, you're prepared.  WATCH THE FREE CLASS:  GRAB SCOTT'S RECESSION PROOF YOUR BIZ GUIDE: APPLY FOR GBM: Got questions? DM Jenay on IG @namastejenay Join the FB Community: *Once you're admitted, please make a post introducing yourself + sharing something you want to learn this year + a selfie for a warm welcome! We can't wait to see your aha moments from this episode! Please post a soundbite, quote, or phrase that resonated with you and share this with your tribe. Be sure to TAG US on social @namastejenay Website: Connect with Jenay: Freebie Library: XOXO His stake and undertaking of what is going on in the world right now and what we can do to safeguard our businesses (6:43) The two separate issues going on right now (9:25) How the economy has been affected (13:30) Scott's biggest takeaways around how we can use this to create more momentum vs. it being a roadblock (16:50) About how people get lazy when times are good, and what it means that we are in the opposite of good right now, because they’re looking to find solutions (27:20) It’s not all about pivoting one component of the business (32:10) How to take massive action and uplevel right now by investing in yourself (37:30) The message Scott feels he is here to share with the world right now (51:15)

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