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Hacking 2019 to Make 2020 Your Best Year Yet!

Hacking 2019 to Make 2020 Your Best Year Yet!

SOLO MAGIC! Wanna life-hack your year and create stellar action in 2020? In this episode Jenay teaches you how to use the Starfish Retrospective to evaluate your year, gain clarity, and step into 2020 with an action plan customized to your life and business in a super creative and quick tried and true method you’re going to use again and again!    APPLY FOR GBM:  Got questions? DM Jenay on IG @namastejenay   Join the FB Community:  *Once you're admitted, please make a post introducing yourself + sharing something you want to learn this year +  a selfie for a warm welcome! Do you want a FREE IG BIO AUDIT by Namaste Jenay??  You’re in luck babe. Every week we’ll be selecting one winner! Enter by following these 3 steps:   1) subscribe   2) leave a review with your ig username  3) share the podcast in your ig stories + tag @namastejenay   We can't wait to see your aha moments from this episode! Please post a soundbite, quote, or phrase that resonated with you and share this with your tribe. Be sure to TAG US on social @namastejenay!   Website:  Connect with Jenay:  Freebie Library:    XOXO   Timeline (02:25) What would you call in for 2020? (02:58) A Starfish Retrospective  (09:34) Laying out your Starfish (11:07) First Word: Stop (11:33) Second Word: Less (12:15) Third Word: Keep (12:39) Fourth Word: More (13:03) Fifth Word: Start (14:00) Recap (16:18) Clear Actions Steps for 2020

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