Darnell Samuels & Joel Nicoloff

Do Canadians Hate Charter Schools? - 6CR #88

Do Canadians Hate Charter Schools? - 6CR #88

With the back-to-school season upon us, Darnell & Joel engage in a conversation regarding charter schools What is a charter school? Charter schools in Canada Alberta recent charters school bill Arguments for charter schools Arguments against charter schools https://www.sixcentsreport.com/ References: Alberta government introduces bill to change rules on charter schools, home schooling David Staples: The big story in Alberta education? There's no ugly battle over school choice Global News Report - audio Charter Schools and Their Enemies by Thomas Sowell Twitter: @DeAngelisCorey Alberta Charter Schools Handbook https://www.alberta.ca/charter-schools.aspx Alberta Charter Schools Research Legislative Assembly of Ontario - Assessing Charter Schools (June 2000) KIPP Public Charter Schools How Underground Private Schools Are Outperforming Government Schools in Developing Nations Low-Cost Private Schools Are Revolutionizing Education for Millions of Children in Developing Nations Give us your two cents via: Facebook Twitter sixcentsreport@gmail.com

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