Episode 93: ACES, Autoimmunity and Motherhood

Episode 93: ACES, Autoimmunity and Motherhood

There are many people who have always wanted children, so do you wonder why some women have not wanted to have them? In this episode we discuss some of the reasons why women may not feel the pull to have children. Sometimes the reasons have been related to past adverse childhood experiences (ACES), or even due to living with chronic illness and the associated possible health consequences.ย  In this episode Dr. April shares some of the circumstances and experiences caused by ACES and autoimmune conditions that may lead to an interest in having other kinds of children, such as adoption or taking care ofย  pets and dog children. Learn more about the Sisterhood of Limitless Living at Request the Free Guide to Self-Care and Rest with Autoimmune Conditions: Learn about the various types of rest with this workbook including space for you to process and plan your self-care.

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