Episode 92: ACES, PTSD, and Autoimmune Diseases

Episode 92: ACES, PTSD, and Autoimmune Diseases

Could what happened to you in your past be impacting your autoimmune health, and causing your diagnosis?In this powerful episode, Dr. April discusses the impact of ACES (adverse childhood experiences) on those living with autoimmune conditions. The CDC-Kaiser study of the 1990s was the first to identify the impact of living with ACES on physical and mental health. We also discuss some of the scientific research on ACES and PTSD and autoimmune diseases, and how you can identify, address, and heal from these adverse events. Request the Free Guide to Self-Care and Rest with Autoimmune Conditions:Learn about the various types of rest with this workbook including space for you to process and plan your self-care. REFERENCES: ABOUT ACESThe original ACES study: CDC-Kaiser Study on ACES Learn About the Original 10 ACES and More. Assess Your ACES Number: The Impacts of ACES on Health: ACES Aware Adverse Childhood Experience Questionnaire for Adults: How to Heal From ACES: ---------------------- ACES AND TRAUMA IN RESEARCH ACES and Autoimmune Disease:UCSF Study on ACES and Lupus:,researchers%20at%20UC%20San%20Francisco. Cumulative Childhood Stress and Autoimmune Diseases in Adults PTSD and Autoimmune Disease:Burden of Multiple Sclerosis on the Military: Gulf War Era Multiple Sclerosis Cohort study: PTSD and Risk of Autoimmune Diseases in Military Personnel:

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