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Dr. Sharon Davis Gratto on Music Admissions

Dr. Sharon Davis Gratto on Music Admissions

Today, I'm welcoming Dr. Sharon Davis Gratto on to discuss music school admissions. We will dig deep into what a music school looks for in a student, what skills are needed to pursue a degree and career in music, how your music profile can help you afford college, and much more.Dr. Gratto is Professor of Music, the 1st woman to hold the Graul Endowed Chair in Arts and Languages, and Director of the World Music Choir at the University of Dayton, in Dayton, OH. At the University of Dayton, Dr. Gratto has taught courses and supervised student teachers in the Music Education degree program taught Eurhythmics for Music Therapy majors and directs the World Music Choir.She has performed as a free-lance flutist in the Washington, D.C. area and sung professionally in church music positions, with the Washington Bach Consort, and with the Washington Opera, Summer Opera Theatre at Catholic University, Washington Concert Opera, the Wolf Trap Opera.Dr. Gratto also spent 10 years in radio broadcasting.Dr. Gratto has been instrumental in organizing the Dayton Funk Symposium & Dance Party which brings together scholars, teachers, students and performing artists to explore and experience the innovative African American Funk music movement that put Dayton, Ohio on the map in the 1970s and 1980s, leading to its identification as the World Capital of Funk.In my high school years, while Sharon was a professor at Gettysburg College, she invited me to audit written and aural theory collegiate level courses and was kind enough to write a letter of recommendation for my undergraduate applications.We Cover:Dr. Gratto’s background and professional journey.Why she chose Oberlin College for her undergraduate degree.Why you should limit the number of schools you apply to and how it could affect your admissions to all of the schools.Sharon’s challenging audition experience and how it helped her find the right school.How she found a program for her Master’s Degree that offered her a full-tuition stipend and an assistantship.How a student should find mentors who can help to guide them through the music admissions process.Why following your school music teacher’s career path is something students try to do but isn’t a good idea.Why finding a school that allows you to explore the range of possibilities in music.Why it’s essential to align with the right type of music program.How collegiate-level music involvement as a major or non-major can be a boon to your post-school applications in the professional world.The transformation of higher ed music programs to focus more on current music.Pairing community college and a University experience to make college more affordable.Developing a list of needs and wants for your learning environment.How the University of Dayton determines how much merit scholarship is awarded to a candidate.Talent scholarships are awarded to majors and non-majors alike.Why Sharon believes in a broad-based degree as opposed to a conservatory training only.How everyone should have to take an entrepreneurship course. Especially performers.A student’s story and how not aligning with a program that invested in them cost them in the future.The problem with performance certificates and how they can affect your future.Looking to the future of music and the myriad of opportunities that Covid has presented.Links Mentioned:University of Dayton Music Department Connect with The Scholarship Roadmap:WebsiteApple PodcastsInstagramFacebookYouTubeBook A Call With Me (no commitment, no charge.)Theme Music:‘Elegua’ from Axiom Asunder by The Majestic Jazz OrchestraComposed by Buzz Jones.

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