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The Rush Limbaugh Show Podcast - Jun 16 2021

The Rush Limbaugh Show Podcast - Jun 16 2021

PODCAST SUMMARY HOUR 1: Rush on Trump standing up to Putin vs. Biden's weakness. Leftists encouraging race-based crime. Merrick Garland is a Biden puppet. Some Republicans join Democrats on infrastructure trillion from bankrupt nation. Immigration. Trump to visit border before absentee czar Harris. Biden's oil crisis and green energy nonsense. PODCAST SUMMARY HOUR 2: Publishing and the move to censor certain points of view. Google and Facebook power. The Fed is monetizing debt as a direct consequence of this inflation tax that is spending. Lockdowns destroyed restaurants, ruined lives, abused children, and none of it was necessary. History will not be kind to lockdown advocates. Media gaga as Biden meets with Putin, who pushes back on charge he killed opponents by invoking 1/6.  PODCAST SUMMARY HOUR 3: Chrissy Teigen. Jon Stewart acts like he alone suddenly discovered the Wuhan coronavirus lab with an uncomfortable Stephen Colbert who sticks to the communist Chinese line. The Democrat Party is The Squad. What if half the country decides they like socialism and fire in the streets? Why are officeholders allowed to lie to us? You wouldn't let a utility ban sale of electricity or water to people with some points of view, so why can social media giants do it? EIB High Note: Heroic dog saves owner from rattlesnake bites.  Learn more about your ad-choices at

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