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The Rush Limbaugh Show Podcast - Jun 14 2021

The Rush Limbaugh Show Podcast - Jun 14 2021

PODCAST SUMMARY HOUR 1: Biden makes fool of himself in Europe: scary and entertaining. Biden says he won't have public press conference with Putin. Crazy G7 agrees to decarbonize. Biden speaks gibberish at G7. Macron says it's good to have American president "part of the club." Spectator smacks Macron in face on rope line. Rush on when Trump brought the thunder to NATO. KT McFarland: Putin is pushing Biden around. Bibi Netanyahu was one of us, put Israel first, fiercely defended Western values. Rush on why the left and the media hate Netanyahu. Biden makes nonsensical statements about covid and leadership. Book, "Joe Biden Unauthorized," by Mike McCormick on how Biden has never been taken seriously. Rush on how often Trump was right about stories the media lied about. Trump releases statement about how often he was right. Los Angeles Biden supporter calls to say Biden is wonderful, happy that he'll rejoin Iran deal. Biden looks lost, makes strange gestures during photo-ops.  PODCAST SUMMARY HOUR 2: Woke liberalism sweeps the nation at schools, institutions and corporations. New Jersey school district removes all holiday names from academic calendar. Vermont governor gives noncitizens voting rights.  Asheville, North Carolina approves reparations for black citizens. Hundreds of whistleblowers say the military is forcing anti-American indoctrination. Rush on how woke white liberals are racists who see people of color as helpless and hopeless. Washington state local Democrat candidate threatened to blow up a school bus. Posh NY prep schools push leftist sex education programs. The latest on the border crisis and illegal immigration. Kamala Harris getting criticized from all sides. Mike Pompeo on the crisis at the border, created by Biden and Harris. Ken says he predicted Biden would choose Harris as VP.  PODCAST SUMMARY HOUR 3: Today is Flag Day. Rush remembers when Iraq pilots dedicated bombing run to Rush, sent him the flag. What we're up against: Virginia leftist gives infuriating commencement speech. Biden's spending is causing inflation. Rush on how liberals use inflation to raise taxes, seize more control for government. Ken tries to pronounce "Keynesian" economics. EIB High Note: Westminster Dog Show. Air Force vet on the meaning of the flag. Learn more about your ad-choices at

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