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Ep 21 - Interview with Lee Troop

Ep 21 - Interview with Lee Troop

A fantastic chat today with Troopy that's full of valuable insights and wisdom from one of Australia's greatest ever distance runners. Troopy openly shares with us the ups and downs of what it takes to be a competitor on the world running circuit. It's a harsh and lonely pursuit that only a select few have the toughness, tenacity and courage to survive. Now living with his family in Boulder where he's had to show just as much grit to survive as he did on the track. Troopy has built a life using his running knowledge, managing running events and a very successful coaching business for all abilities and distances. Troopy is an absolute legend of Australian distance running and a top bloke and hopefully we'll see the Troops back home one day soon. Enjoy!   The Running Guy Coaching Website -   Instagram -   Facebook -   Join The Running Guy Podcast Strava Club -   YouTube Channel -   Opening music - Artist: Dan Henig Song: Flames Closing music -  Artist: Dan Henig Song: Wood   Hey guy's if you are enjoying listening to the show and would like to make a small donation of support then follow this PayPal link  

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