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Ecosexuality and Lingerie

Ecosexuality and Lingerie

In this episode, we're excited to be joined today by Carlie Quezada, founder of the lingerie brand Supernatural. Let’s take a closer look as Carlie walks us through to learn more about this apparel category and what are the different eco-conscious materials being used in making lingerie. Inspired by her love of lingerie and innovative design, Carlie Quezada founded Supernatural as a space for the celebration of femininity and self-appreciation. The curation of the shop emphasizes modern design, ethical production, and an individualistic style. Carlie’s professional background spans from the world of contemporary art to creative production & project management both at large corporations and small, independent design firms. We Cover: What is Enclothed Cognition?Why lingerie can be used as a woman's personal style, self-expression, and self- seductionWhat does one feel before buying lingerieWhat are the different lingeries styles and how it reflects the psychology of the women buyingWhat are the sustainable materials and eco certifications used in making Supernatural lingerie?What are other accessories sold in SupernaturalLearn the different bra styles, lingerie harnesses and other style definitionsWhat are the Live events hosted by SupernaturalHow to properly take care of lingerie Helpful Links:Carlie Quezada - Founder of Supernatural Lingerie shop. Follow their Instagram @supernaturallingerieRosebud Woman products available on Supernatural LingerieRead more about Enclothed Cognition study by Hajo Adam and Adam D.GalinskyRelative prevalence of different fetishes study by C Scorolli, S Ghirlanda, M Enquist, S Zattoni & E A JanniniShel Silverstein - Writer, poet, cartoonist, songwriter, and playwrightFull text of "A Light In The Attic By Shel Silverstein"A Light in the Attic hardcover on AmazonLA fille d’O - Belgian-based lingerie brandDSTM - Berlin-based lingerie brandFind Rosebud Woman on Instagram as @rosebudwoman and Christine on Instagram as @the.rose.woman Listen, Like, Share & Subscribe on iTunes | Spotify | Youtube See for privacy and opt-out information.

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