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89: A Conversation About Growing Your Roofing Business On The Profit First Podcast

89: A Conversation About Growing Your Roofing Business On The Profit First Podcast

Today I’m in the hot seat when I’m interviewed by fellow podcaster Dr. Sabrina Starling on her podcast, Profit by Design. Sabrina is the author of How To Hire the Best for the Construction Industry and helps construction business owners with work/life balance and hiring challenges. We have a conversation about hiring the best people so you can have free time to spend with your family and get away from the chaos of the day-to-day running of your business. What you’ll hear in this episode: A shout-out to Dr. Sabrina Starling, featured in The Roofer Show, Episode 83, on her Four Hiring Strategies--and then you’ll hear her interview me for the Profit by Design podcast The early years in Dave’s “school of hard knocks” The drawbacks of Dave’s father’s business process, being dependent on a handful of people What Dave realized he needed and what he did to make changes Dave’s One-Page Business Plan How the business plan brings clarity The changes Dave made that helped the business take off, especially regarding the commercial vs. residential question Paying attention to the numbers, and then honing and refining The inefficiency of “context shifting” Finding the “one thing” that will be successful 8 Steps of the Business Plan: (the most important step is to convince them that they NEED a business plan!) Start with the destination in mind The what, who, where, and why Have a mission statement The SWOT--strengths, weaknesses, opportunities, and threats The operation The process The action The view Resources: Need Help Answering the Phone? Use Ruby Receptionists!  Click here and use the code Roofer50 for a special discount! Or Call Ruby at (844) 326-7829

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