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223: The Top Reasons Contractors Don’t Make The Money They Should with Vicki Suiter

223: The Top Reasons Contractors Don’t Make The Money They Should with Vicki Suiter

Today I interview best-selling author and expert contractor business coach Vicki Suiter about her latest book The Profit Bleed. We pinpoint the reasons that contractors are not making the money they should and how they can fix the holes in their businesses to make more profit. What you’ll hear in this episode: How to deliver a good elevator pitch The benefits of a Mastermind group, for clarity, ideas, and camaraderie Vicki’s elevator pitch: what she does, who she serves, and what action she wants them to take “Are you going for the door, or are you asking to hear more?” Example of a client who reduced prices in an effort to sell more Increased volume means increased overhead and will equal breakdown What are your true labor costs? What infrastructure changes are required to support higher volume? Taking an eagle-eye view of your business What to focus on to improve efficiency and profitability Learn to manage from the top down rather than the bottom up Pulse points covered in Vicki’s book: Pricing Handoff process Sales and marketing Sales and close rate percentage goals Production Feedback Resources: The Profit Bleed by Vicki Suiter The Profit Bleed – Find out how to get Vicki’s book for FREE, along with other resources Suiter Business Builders – Find out more about Vicki’s Free Business Health Assessment THE ROOFER SHOW SPONSOR INFO: Need Help Answering the Phone Or Online Chat? Use Ruby Receptionists!! Find Out How They Can Help Bring In Leads!! Click here and use the code Roofer50 for a special $50 discount! https://www.callruby.com/roofershow Or Call Ruby at (844) 326-7829 Check out the app!! —-> My Listeners Get a 21-Day Money Back Guarantee <—

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