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222: Why You Should Outsource Your Bookkeeping with Steve Kreitzberg

222: Why You Should Outsource Your Bookkeeping with Steve Kreitzberg

Remember that 3-legged stool principle I teach? You’ve got to sell the work, you’ve got to do the work, and you’ve got to keep score, which is the bookkeeping part. All three of these legs have to be in balance so that it doesn’t become weak or your business is going to fall over. Today, I’m thankful to have Steve Kreitzberg from Apparatus Contractor Services, LLC, on the show. Steve’s company specializes in outsourced bookkeeping, payroll, and reporting for contractors only, and you’ll be hearing why this niche is so important and why this kind of service is something you might want to consider for your own business.  Listen in to learn some strategies regarding your finances, why you need to be working and understanding your numbers, and how this can actually become a pretty simple thing as part of a streamlined process to help you reach your financial goals! What You’ll Hear in This Episode: Steve shares his backstory as to how he came to focus on contracting businesses. Apparatus created a digital service that provides bookkeeping services to contractors all over the country. Clients that recognize that finances are the foundation of their growth are Apparatus’s ideal clients. Other traits in an ideal client are that they’re growth-centered, coachable, decisive, goal-driven, collaborative, and cash confident. Contractors have a skill set that doesn’t typically include bookkeeping. Others may simply not be interested in learning it or do not have time to keep up with it. Most contractors prefer to spend time serving their clients and finding new ones. The service that Apparatus offers is built on the tools that are built for and around QuickBooks® online. Good news: Job-costing is now available in QuickBooks® online! Steve details some other tools that Apparatus also uses, including the QuickBooks® Payroll module, a product called TSheets®, Zoom, and Dropbox. Steve shares the promise that his company makes to its clients. There are unique bookkeeping requirements for construction companies, which Steve explains. New clients of Apparatus go through a six-week boot camp while they’re getting their systems set up. This gives clients confidence and a basic understanding of how bookkeeping works on their behalf. Steve discusses the chart of accounts and the varied benefits of knowing your numbers. Don’t confuse your cash flow with your profit! What to expect with TSheets® and the payroll module. Did we mention the reports? There are five of them, and here’s what you can do with them. A CPA is who files your taxes; Apparatus is a bookkeeping service and is, therefore, a source of all the information that your CPA needs.   Connect with Steve! Apparatus Contractor Services, LLC Resources: Download My FREE 1-Page Business Plan Text Me @ (510) 612-1450 - Say Hi! I would love to hear your feedback, pros & cons! **Please leave me a review on iTunes!** ~Please Share My Podcast With Other Contractors~ THE ROOFER SHOW SPONSOR INFO: Need Help Answering the Phone Or Online Chat? Use Ruby Receptionists! Find Out How They Can Help Bring In Leads! Click here and use the code Roofer50 for a special $50 discount! https://www.callruby.com/roofershow Or Call Ruby at (844) 326-7829 Check out the app! My Listeners Get a 21-Day Money-Back Guarantee!

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