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07: How To Sell Preventative Maintenance And Why You Need To with Greg Hayne

07: How To Sell Preventative Maintenance And Why You Need To with Greg Hayne

If you’re not marketing and selling preventative roof maintenance you are leaving a lot of money on the table! In today’s interview, Greg teaches us how to set up a maintenance department, find the right people to run it, and how to sell maintenance for high profits. He’ll also show us the top 5 mistakes contractors make that will kill the deal. Greg Hayne, of The Hayne Coaching Group, has a unique training program that helps roofing contractors grow their service departments and become more profitable and provide superior service for their customers. For the past ten years, he’s been teaching contractors the best practices of the most successful service departments around the country. He shows us how you can make a lot of money providing great service. What you’ll hear in this episode: Why your repair department and service department are NOT the same How to set up a service department (Use Greg’s formula for profit margins) The Top Five Mistakes Roofing Contractors Make: Not treating repair requests differently than initial requests Not addressing repair requests promptly Poor documentation Not handling tenant communication properly Ignoring other problems with the roof Other problems: Not returning phone calls promptly Not sending out prompt invoices after completing the work Tips for providing a preventive maintenance program: Don’t over-specify your services Don’t forget to SELL your maintenance program Why documentation is CRITICAL Common mistakes in selling preventive maintenance: (You have to show them how it will save them money!) Specifying too much Sending in quotes instead of selling Not asking questions How a preventive maintenance program adds value to your business with recurring income Greg’s training programs, peer groups, and individual coaching Resources: www.creatinggreatservice.com (Available training programs and free downloads to help assess your business)  www.haynecoachinggroup.com (Available peer groups)  

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