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04: How To Design A Contractor Website That Works with Darren Slaughter

04: How To Design A Contractor Website That Works with Darren Slaughter

Learn what it takes to design a contractor website that attracts your ideal prospects and converts them into customers. Darren has 20 years of experience working with contractors and only contractors. No dentists or pizza joints-- so he knows what works and what doesn’t in online marketing for contractors. Darren helps contractors build brands and businesses online through social media management, responsive website design, and content marketing. If you’re a contractor trying to figure out social media, websites or blogging, he’s the guy. What you’ll hear in this episode: Designing a contractor website that WORKS (and doesn’t look the same as everybody else’s!) Your website should help you sell while you’re out working Your website should explain the who, what, where, when, and how of your company and its principles “If it doesn’t help you sell your work, then it shouldn’t be on your page.” Ask, “Would I buy from this website?” Biggest mistakes that contractors make on their websites: Not populating the photo gallery with completed work Talking too much about yourself (it bores the reader!) How to grab the reader within the first 5 seconds? Use confidence factors “When it comes to websites, images are what sells but words close the deal.” How a website sells jobs: #1 tip---Have your website viewable on all devices, mobile-ready, and responsive The importance of emergency repair contact numbers The “dirty little secret” about websites The goal is to convert traffic to customers: How? Compelling content that speaks to THEIR problem Re-targeting Analytical tools: How do I KNOW if my website is working? Is blogging really necessary? Social media: The NEW confidence factor! The Contractor’s Toolbox: The services Darren provides that give you back your time! A solitary focus on contractors Resources: www.darrenslaughter.com (Find out about Darren’s services, his blog, and his weekly newsletter with great tips!) Call Darren at 215-740-2713 and find him on Twitter, Facebook, Instagram, and Youtube!

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